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How Startup Mogul Satyam Upadhyay Made the World’s Largest Mail Marketing Network

Gomails.me is the on of the world’s largest Mail Network - its Founder and CEO Satyam Upadhyay - a global business tycoon has had an inspiring journey. Upadhyay has been working since he was a student. At 15, he started...

Social Sector

Training Workshop for Young Lawyers

"Know our Courts: Criminal Lawyering in Delhi", a uniquely designed week-long Virtual Training-&-Certification was recently concluded with wonderful response from the 50+ attendees who ranged from law students and judiciary-aspirants to police personnel and NGO staff. Held over Zoom for...

Foreign Affairs

Pegasus used by Israeli police too

Even as a controversy raged in India over the alleged use of Israeli Pegasus spyware, reports have emerged that the device has been used in Israel also by police targeting a slew of politicians, government ministry director general, businessmen, protest...