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Entrepreneur Rizwan Shan Is The Self Made Business tycoon

Everyone is in the search of success in life. But there are very selected ones who want to work that hard to get successful. Also, it is not only the hard work that gets you success but also the mindset which is the key to getting ahead in life. One prime example is Rizwan Shan. A prominent business personality and an individual who is dominating the business world with his business intelligence and entrepreneurial mindset.

Rizwan Shan who resides in London, United Kingdom is among the biggest businessmen in the region. And the most important thing about him is that he is a self-made man, who has gained success all by himself. This is why his story inspires hundreds of inspiring youngsters all over. Starting at such an early age of 17, Rizwan knew what he had to do in his life and what was his purpose and aim. One of the many reasons why he was clear about his future is because his role model growing up wasn’t a celebrity or star but his own father. This is why he started his business with his father, which was initially about beauty and cosmetics products but now they have developed and spread their business and investment in multiple fields.

Today Rizwan Shan’s businesses include real estate, properties development, and commercial investment and has many retail stores for Afro cosmetic hair and beauty line. He also owns the wholesale business of all the beauty products and supplies the products to other retailers in the United Kingdom, Europe, and also In Dubai. His company named “Beauty Choice” which he started in 2001 is a big name in the beauty and cosmetic business.

All of this widespread success is because of the values and ethos that he learned from his father that made him the successful man that he is today. Also being a very smart and motivated mind from the very start was one of the big reasons why he was able to become a self-reliant successful businessman. His approach to life and hard work is an inspiration to the younger generation.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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