Top 5 Stocks in Tech to buy and invest in today, on December 29, 2021

Top 5 Tech Stocks to buy and invest in today

If you are an enthusiast investor and trader, then you would definitely be aware of the benefits of investing in Tech related stocks. It is one of the segments that are likely to provide you the maximum benefits in return for your investment. The demand for tech stocks is in a surge and more and more people are bidding their money on these stocks. However, a lot of people might be thinking about stocks that would fetch them good returns, and for this, there is a list of Top 5 Stocks in Tech to buy and invest in today. 

1. Apple 

Current Price: US$179.29

Market Cap: US$2.941 T

Apple Inc, an American-based technology company that manufactures and sells computers, electronics, and smartphones along with operating systems and application software is on the top of the list when it comes to the list of Top 5 Stocks in Tech to buy and invest in today. The share of the company is currently priced at US$179.29 and is likely to bring good returns in the coming months in 2022. 

2. Amazon 

Current Price: US$3,413 

Market Cap: US$1.731 T 

Again, on the list is an American- based E-commerce company- Amazon Inc. The company had a rough patch in the recent quarter but despite that, it performed better than all its peers. Further, as per trade and stock market experts, it is likely to outperform in 2022 for a plethora of reasons like Record holiday sales, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Marketplace, and a major boost to Infrastructure and employees. So, if you are looking for Stocks in Tech to buy and invest in today, Amazon should be on your list. 

3. Tesla

Current Price: US$1,088

Market Cap: US$1.093 T 

Tesla Inc, an automobile company that produces and sells electric cars alongside power storage and photovoltaic systems. In the future, the company aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.  Tesla successfully delivered 241,300 vehicles in the quarter, racing past estimates of 232,000 and the shipments of the automobile company grew 20% from the prior quarter and 73% from the year-ago period and in all likely to witness further growth in the coming 2022. 

4. Microsoft 

Current Price: US$341.25

Market Cap: US$2.562 T

The American-based software company, even in the times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, performed really well. The reason Microsoft makes it to the list of Top 5 Stocks in Tech to buy and invest in today is because of the fact that it enjoys strong operating efficiencies and is able to monetize its products at a level far above its peers. Further, the stock price of Microsoft has seen sharp Northwards trends with more than 450% over the past five years. After factoring in reinvested dividends, the tech giant generated a total return of nearly 500%. Additionally, the company’s stable growth should also be one of the reasons for you to purchase it at the earliest. 

5. Alphabet (Google)

Current Price: US$2,929

Market Cap: US$1.943 T 

Alphabet Inc. is a listed US holding company of the former Google LLC, which continues to exist as a subsidiary. Two primary reasons to buy the stocks of Alphabet are- its main businesses are still generating robust growth and its stock still looks reasonably valued. 

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