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3 Rafale Fighter Aircraft to arrive in India on Feb 1-2


The last Rafale Fighter Aircraft is likely to arrive at the Indian Soil in April and with this, it will be a conclusion of the deal with France. The last fighter aircraft is laden with all the weaponry and was basically the first aircraft that was used for training Indian fighter pilots. 

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is all set to get the last 4 Rafale Fighter Aircraft from France starting from the month of February. These combat aircraft with be laden with Indian-specific weaponry and will strengthen the IAF in fighting any adversary. As per the sources in the defence establishment, three Rafale fighter aircraft are likely to leave the Istres-Le Tube air base, north-west of Marseille in southern France, around February 1-2 depending on the weather conditions. These aircraft will arrive in India after mid-air refueling by India’s close ally-United Arab Emirates Air Force, using Airbus multi-role transport tankers. 

It is also known that the last combat aircraft is almost ready and has been painted fresh and it is loaded with all the modern weapons. The last fighter aircraft will arrive in India only in April this year. The last one is also the same aircraft through which the personnel of the Indian Air Force was given the training after the deliveries started from France. During a high-level defence dialogue in France in December last year, the aircraft was inspected by Union Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar at the Istres airbase.  

It is not much known about the specific modern enhancements that are fitted on Rafale but it is said that these relate to long range Meteor air-to-air missiles, low band frequency jammers, advanced communication systems, more capable radio altimeter, radar warning receiver, high altitude engine start-up, synthetic aperture radar, ground moving target indicator and tracking, missile approach warning systems, and very high-frequency range decoys. Sources in the Union defence set-up also say that upon the arrival of the combat jets, the Indian Air Force will test the weaponry system to their satisfaction under Indian conditions apart from verifying the original equipment manufacturers’ claims as per agreement. 

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