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BTS’s Suga to start his military services on September 22, 2023


BTS’s Suga who is also known by the names Min Yoon-gi and Agust D will start his mandatory military service soon. According to his agency, he will begin his services on September 22, 2023. The singer also interacted with his fans for one last time before joining the military. He had quite an interactive and wholesome session with his fans and things even got emotional when he asked them to wait for him till the year 2025. However, things again became joyful when BTS members J-Hope and Jin gave fans a sweet surprise in the comment section during the live, both of these members are currently serving in the military. 


The second-oldest member casually appeared wearing a white t-shirt and a chequered shirt. Suga, with his shorter hair, greeted fans, saying, "Hello, it's great to see you. It's me, Suga. I've trimmed my hair a bit." He humorously added, "My hair is really short now, right? I'm still not used to it. Even the staff couldn't recognize me." Suga had kept a low profile since concluding his Agust D tour in Seoul, and when asked where he had been, he explained that he had been spending time with his fellow BTS members and family.


He said, “Then Taehyung's album came out and I didn't want to distract from that. And I was with the members and the next thing I knew, a month went by!” While Suga will be gone for 18 months, he assured fans that he has filmed enough content for his fans, aka BTS ARMY, to keep them entertained. He, who is known for his popular drinking show Suchwita on YouTube, added, “I can't do Suchwita anymore. But I filmed a lot! Please look forward to it.” Kim Taehyung, aka V, was the last guest on the show and also the last BTS member to join him for a heartfelt conversation.


Suga recently wrapped up his Agust D Tour concerts. Talking about it during his 20-minute live, he said, “After the concert, I was only resting for about 2 weeks because I had body pain. So I rested a lot. I spent the remaining time with my family.” He also shared that he wishes to have more shows for his fans, however, has to fulfil his responsibilities as a citizen first. He said, “I wanted to do more tours but I didn't have the time to.” “It's a pity that I will not be able to do anything in the next 2 years.”


He then said that Taehyung's album just came out and that he did not want to divert attention from that. " Despite his upcoming 18-month absence, Suga reassured fans that he has recorded plenty of content to keep the BTS ARMY entertained. He, renowned for his popular drinking show Suchwita on YouTube, mentioned, "I won't be able to continue Suchwita, but I've filmed a lot! Please look forward to it." Kim Taehyung, also known as V, was the final guest on the show, concluding a heartfelt conversation with Suga.


Suga recently completed his Agust D Tour concerts. Discussing it during his 20-minute live session, he shared, "After the concert, I only had about 2 weeks of rest due to body pain. So, I took it easy and spent the rest of the time with my family." He expressed his desire to hold more shows for his fans but acknowledged his responsibilities as a citizen. He said, "I wanted to do more tours, but I did not have the time to. It is sad that I won't be able to do anything for the next two years."


Under South Korean law, every physically fit male must fulfil approximately 18 months of military service between 18 and 35 years of age. The seven members of BTS fall within the age range of 25 to 30. In October 2022, thus, Bighit Music revealed that the BTS members would be enlisting in the military. To support the BTS members in fulfilling their mandatory service, Bighit also announced that they would go on a temporary hiatus. The group activities would be paused and members would pursue individual projects. It is anticipated that all seven members will come together again, possibly reuniting sometime in 2025.

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