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A Huge Blast at Mosque in Peshawar, 30 killed and dozens wounded


In the northwestern part of Pakistan’s Peshawar, at least 30 people were killed and 80 wounded in a suicide attack at a Shiite mosque. One rescue official said the blast took place at a Jamia mosque in the Qisssa Khwani bazaar area. According to the reports, one of the witnesses saw the attacker entering the mosque before Friday Prayers. One man opened fire with a pistol, picking up the worshippers ‘one-by-one’. Until now, no group has claimed the responsibility for the blast. Muhammad Ali Saif, a spokesperson for the provincial government, told a news agency that more than 30 were killed and 80 are wounded and 10 are critically injured.   

The News Agency reporters witnessed body parts strew at the site,  due to the explosion the windows of nearby buildings were blown off. In this attack, a senior police officer was killed and two other police officers were shot at the entrance of the mosque. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Office said “We strongly condemned the attack.” The site of casualty is just 50 kilometers away from the porous border with Afghanistan. In the recent times, Sunni majority Pakistan has been battling a revival of its domestic chapter of Taliban in Pakistan. The mosque was in the targeted region of iteration of the ISIS group, Islamic State Khorasan. 

Earlier in 2018, at least 31 people were killed in a suicide blast at a crowded market in Peshawar and 88 people died and hundreds more were wounded when the same pattern of attack happened in Southern Sindh Province.

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