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AN- 225 ‘MRIYA’ destroyed amid Ukraine-Russia war


The world’s biggest cargo aircraft, Antonov-225 Mriya, was destroyed in the ongoing Ukraine-Russian war. The Ukraine-made cargo plane was destroyed by a Russian attack on Hosomel Airport near Kyiv. Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine confirmed the news about the destruction of the one of the kind cargo aircraft via a tweet after various speculations were being made on social media. 

“This was the world’s largest aircraft, AN-225 ‘Mriya’ (‘Dream’ in Ukrainian). Russia may have destroyed our ‘Mriya’. But they will never be able to destroy our dream of a strong, free, and democratic European state. We shall prevail!” Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine tweeted. 

“The Russian occupiers destroyed the flagship of Ukrainian aviation – the legendary An-225 Mriya. It happened at the Antonov airfield in Hostomel near Kyiv,” Ukrainian state arms manufacturer Ukroboronprom also said on its Facebook page. It also said that the plane restoration would cost more than $3 billion and take a long time. 

It was speculated that AN-225 has been destroyed based on a blurry image showing an aircraft in a hanger getting bombarded. Antonov the company that built and operated the AN225 aircraft said that until the Antonov-225 has been inspected by experts they cannot give any report on its technical condition.  

The company did not have any confirmed information about the aircraft because the Russian forces had seized the Antonov Airport on 25th after failing to do so on the 24th. However, as the airport is already under Russian control it raises doubt that how a plane parked at its hanger in the airport was damaged. Some theories say that the aircraft may have been unintentionally hit by a Ukrainian missile. 

The aircraft first took off in 1988 was used to transport large amounts of aid around the world on an immediate basis.  It was also used to transport big and heavy machinery that other plans could not carry. The destruction of Antonov-225 Mriyan in Ukraine- Russian war will mark an unfortunate end to an unforgettable chapter in aviation history. 

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