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Before opening fire, shooter set off smoke bombs in Brooklyn Subway

Brooklyn Subway

On Tuesday, New York police initiated a massive manhunt for the man who shot 10 people on a filled-up Brooklyn subway, the man was wearing a gas mask and set off the smoke bombs prior to open firing on terror-stricken passengers. None of the injuries were observed life-threatening, the accident in Brooklyn was not being investigated as a measure of terrorist attack, with no signs of a motive yet, Police said.  

In a press conference, New York Police commissioner Keechant Sewell said “The suspected shooter was donning the mask just as the train was coming at the station. He released two canisters that caused smoke throughout the subway.” He also added that the man shot multiple commuters as the train pulled into station 36. 

According to the police officials, the victims who were shot and 13 others were injured as they were trying to escape from the station or suffered smoke breathing problems. Sewell further added, “we are truly fortunate this was worse than it is.”

New York Police department chief James Essig stated that “The shooter had fired 33 shots. Later police retrieved a Glock 17-millimetre handgun, three additional ammunition magazines, and a hatchet from the scenes.” 

Until now, nobody was in custody, police were notified about the crime just before 8:30 am. According to verified video footage that is posted on social media showed the train entering the 36th Street Station, smoke was filled out in the subway and passengers were rushed and some were injured.  

While addressing the nation, President Joe Biden said “We pay tribute to the first responders and civilians who didn’t hesitate to help their fellow passengers,” and also said his team was in close contact with New York officials. 

 According to the Gun Violence Archive website, Mass fatality shootings increasing day by day in the United States, where open fires involved approximately 40,000 deaths within a year counting suicides.  Constitutionally lax gun laws guaranteeing the right to carry arms have continuously attempted to reduce the number of weapons in circulation.

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