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Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau invokes Emergency Powers to end Truckers’ Protest

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Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister on Monday invoked the Emergency Powers to give sweeping powers to the Police force to put an end to the Truckers’ Protest. Canada has been witnessing a massive Truckers Protest against the Covid rules. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday activated Emergency Powers which is very rarely used, mainly during a National crisis. The special powers will give support to the police force and will also have a check on the crowdfunding platforms under terror financing. The move comes after the country witnessed a massive protest by the Truckers against the Covid norms. Due to this, there has been a massive jam on the streets of the capital Ottawa as well as the two border crossings. Recently, the police have arrested around 11 people with a cache of firearms blocking a border with the neighboring United States (US). This is the second time in Canada’s history that such powers have been implemented.

The Canadian government, defending the move said that these massive protests were causing harm to the country’s economy and reputation as a strong and credible trading partner. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressing a presser said that at this point in time the Armed forces would not be deployed but the authorities and the police forces will be given more powers to detain and arrest people to put an end to the protest. He further said that the authorities will also take concrete steps to put a ban on the funding of the protest. Trudeau also said that the measures would be geographically specific and will be implemented only where needed. 

The protest is being named ‘Freedom Convoy’ and was started by Truckers in the country with an aim to oppose the Covid-19 vaccination mandate for all cross-border drivers. The protest that started to put an end to the move of the mandatory vaccine program has now included demands to put an end to all COVID-19 health measures. Earlier, it was also reported that the Canadian Prime Minister along with his family moved to a secret location amid the protest. Before Justin Trudeau, the act has only been used once before in peacetime, in 1970, by Trudeau’s father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

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