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G7 warns Russia of consequences and Sanctions if it tries to invade Ukraine

G7 and RussiaOlivier Douliery/Pool via Reuters

The Group of Seven (G7) foreign ministers that met in Liverpool, England warned Moscow of huge consequences that include Sanctions if they try to invade neighboring Ukraine.

Kremlin would have to face severe consequences if it tries to invade Ukraine warned the G7. The Group of Seven (G7), on Sunday, delivered a stern warning to Moscow about the consequences of invading Ukraine. G7  warned Russia to de-escalate its military buildup near the Ukrainian border or be ready to face severe consequences. The foreign ministers of the G7 group that met in Liverpool, England, on Sunday, issued a joint statement declaring themselves “united in our condemnation of Russia’s military buildup and aggressive rhetoric towards Ukraine.”

A joint statement from the crucial meeting said that the G7 group reaffirmed its unwavering support to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as said that it is the right of a sovereign state to determine its own future. The group also praised Ukraine for showing restraint despite then escalating tension along the borders. The statement also stated that “Any use of force to alter the existing borders is strictly prohibited under the International Laws and that Russia should be in no doubts that further military engagements against Ukraine would have huge consequences and severe cost in response.”

The G7 foreign ministers also discussed plans to tackle Moscow’s ambitions amid the growing concern that Russia would be planning to attack its neighbor, Ukraine. According to US intelligence assessment, Kremlin could be planning a multi-front offensive on Ukraine as early as next year which could involve a mammoth 1,75,000 troops. The foreign ministers of the Group of 7 (G7) countries also pledge their support to US President Joe Biden’s stand of backing up Ukraine and deter Vladimir Putin, Russian President with a clear warning of severe economic sanctions. 

However, Kremlin had denied all the allegations of military aggression against Ukraine and has demanded legally binding security guarantees that NATO will not expand further east or place its weapons close to Russian territory.

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