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Imran Khan says, “Just as India is doing” in interview with Piers Morga

In an interview with Piers Morgan, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned India once more in the context of maintaining open relations with Russia. Imran Khan, speaking on his controversial visit to the Kremlin just before Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the special military operation on Ukraine that evolved into a raging war, said he believes Putin would not have started the war if he had known what was going to happen.

“I swear, I had no idea what was about to happen. I was just there for one night. Countries with large populations, such as ours, should develop relationships with all countries and implement policies that benefit their citizens, much like India is doing right now “Imran Khan stated the following.

Imran Khan told Piers Morgan that he only had an hour to decide whether or not to continue the trip after Russia declared war. Putin had already scheduled a meeting with him within an hour of learning about the military operation. “We wondered if it would make a difference if Pakistan condemned Russia…,” Imran Khan remarked, adding that he opposes all military activities and has previously stated in Moscow that military action is never the answer.

“I am confident that if Putin had realized what was going on, he would not have started the fight,” Imran Khan said. “Those who orchestrated the whole event are now concerned because they do not want me back. They didn’t bother to take me out to get me back. It was then that I learned of their eventual solution.”, he further added.


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