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Imran Khan claims that price rise keeps him awake at night

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“In London, people are riding Rolls Royces and playing polo. Even the royal family may not be able to afford to indulge.”Why would they want to return to Pakistan?” questioned Imran Khan, alluding to Nawaz Shariff.

In response to several questions, Imran Khan stated that Shehbaz Sharif is the country’s criminal. “I’ve been criticized for failing to see Shehbaz, the opposition’s leader. However, he is, in my opinion, the nation’s criminal “he explained. Imran Khan expressed his excitement for Nawaz Sharif’s visit to Pakistan. Imran Khan commented, “They say he’ll arrive from London today or tomorrow; I hope he does.” “He won’t come because he loves money and doesn’t want to lose it by going back to Pakistan; these are people who have outlived their usefulness.” “There are some individuals playing polo in Rolls Royce there, and even royal families don’t spend that much money, so why would they travel to Pakistan?”

Imran Khan’s comments come a day after Asad Umar, the federal minister of planning, development, and special initiatives alleged that Imran Khan had sent Nawaz Sharif to London. According to Geo News, “Prime Minister Imran Khan summoned a meeting to debate whether or not to allow Nawaz Sharif to travel abroad,” the leader said, adding that the prime minister chose to let him go. “Imran Khan appears to be a man who is not only defeated but also accepts it,” Maryam Nawaz Sharif tweeted in reaction to Imran Khan’s on-air statement. He’s been in power for four years and continues to whine.” ” Every comment made by Imran Khan today reeks of failure, dashed dreams, and a lack of faith in his or the PTI’s future. This was bound to happen “, Maryam went on to say.

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