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In a span of a week, North Korea fires second ballistic missile

North Korea

The South Korean military, on Tuesday, said that North Korea fired a suspected ballistic missile into the sea. The same was also confirmed by Japan’s coast guard as they stated that North Korea had fired a “ballistic missile-like object”. The move comes in a span of less than a week after Pyongyang allegedly test-fired a hypersonic missile. 

As per South Korea’s military, North Korea reportedly fired a ballistic missile into the sea. Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff in a statement said that “Our military detected a suspected ballistic missile fired by North Korea from land towards the East Sea at around 7:27 a.m. today.” The same was also confirmed by Japan’s coast guard and Fumio Kishida, the Prime Minister of Japan told the media persons that Pyongyang had launched “an object that could be a ballistic missile”.

The move from North Korea comes after they test-fired a hypersonic missile a week ago. Earlier, six countries issued a statement urging Pyongyang to cease “destabilizing actions” ahead of a UN Security Council closed-door meeting to discuss last week’s test of what Pyongyang called a hypersonic missile. The test-fire of the ballistic missile by North Korea underscores Kim Jong- un’s pledge to strengthen the country’s defence system as a part of the policy priorities for 2022, which were outlined during a key meeting in December.

In the decade since Kim took the power of the country in his hand, Pyongyang has seen a major boost in the defence sector despite numerous international sanctions. Last month, Kim had stated that despite harsh economic difficulties during the Pandemic, the nation would continue to build up its military capabilities. Earlier, in 2021, the nuclear-armed country stated that they had successfully tested a new type of submarine-launched ballistic missile, a long-range cruise missile, a train-launched weapon, and what it described as a hypersonic warhead.

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