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India came forward to help its neighbor country by sending rice, milk powder, and medicines.

In the worst financial crisis of Sri Lanka, India provide some relief by providing some help to its neighboring country. On 22 May 2022, Sri Lanka received help worth Rs. 45 crore from India in the form of rice, milk powder, and medical supplies. With each passing day, Sri Lanka’s economic condition is getting thrash even after the formation of the new government. The financial dilemma breaks all records as now the Sri Lankan government is unable to pay their debts.

The pages of the history regarding the financial condition of Sri Lanka are marked in the list of defaulters. During this difficult time period, Sri Lanka’s most trustworthy friend India is helping to get rid of such a crisis.  India sends 900 metric tonnes of rice, 200 metric tonnes of milk powder,25 MT  of medicines, and other medical supplies to help the nation in such difficulty period.

Before this Indian government also provide help to Sri Lankans. The government of Sri Lanka also paid thanks to India for their help. Hindustan is continuously boosting the courage of their neighborhood. With this help,  Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremesinghe posted a tweet on Sunday to say thanks to the Indian government for their help.  ‘’ Sri Lanka today received Rs 2 Billion worth of Humanitarian aid including milk powder, rice, and medicines from India. Our sincere gratitude to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Hon.@mkstalin and the people of India for the support extended’’.

Sri Lanka is facing highly economic issues and because of that  India became the first country who join the hands to help Sri Lanka in such a troubled period. Talking about the present status of  Sri Lanka is very jeopardizing these days while citizens of Sri Lanka are facing highly insufficiency of basic goods and services. Before someday new PM of Sri Lanka announced that they have only one day’s stock of petrol however, there is also a scarcity of necessary things like food items and medical products.  Apart from India world bank also decided to give some monetary funds to Sri Lanka to improve their country’s circumstances.


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