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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia bans Tablighi Jamaat, calls it ‘one of the gates of terrorism’

Tablighi Jamaat

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has banned the Tablighi Jamaat and called it ‘one of the gates of terrorism.’ The government has also warned people against associating with them.

In a bit surprising move, the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has banned the Tablighi Jamaat and in the strongest of terms has called them ‘one of the gates of terrorism.’  Islamic Affairs Ministry of the Saudi Government had given a direction to the mosques to warn people against associating themselves with the group during the Friday prayers.

Abdullatif Al Alsheikh, the minister of Islamic Affairs in the Saudi government made an official announcement on his Twitter handle calling Tablighi Jamaat as “one of the gates of terrorism” and that it poses “a serious threat to the society”. Taking it to Twitter, the ministry said “His Excellency the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Abdullatif Al_Alsheikh The preachers of mosques and mosques in which Friday prayers are temporarily held, by dedicating the next Friday sermon 6/5/1443 AH to warn against (the Tablighi and Da’wah group), which is called (the Beloved).”

The ruling dispensation also asked mosques to inform and direct people not to associate themselves with people of the organization. Further, Dr. Abdullatif Al Al-Sheikh, the minister also directed that they should include a declaration of the “misguidance, deviation and danger of this group” and note that it is one of the “gates of terrorism, even if they claim otherwise.”

With this major ban by none other than Saudi Arabia, the group will face extinction as Saudi’s charities were one of the major contributors of funds to the organization that was formed in India about 100 years ago to purify Islam. The organization has its presence in many countries and is said to have around 400 members.

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By TIS Staffer
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