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Lord Nazir Ahmed, British-Pakistani, sentenced to prison for pedophilic offenses

Lord Nazir AhmedPhoto Credit: Dawn

Lord Nazir Ahmed was found guilty of sexual charges against two minors by the Sheffield Crown Court last month.

Lord Nazir Ahmed, a disgraced former Labour peer, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison on Friday for sexually abusing two children in the 1970s, according to UK media.

Anti-India campaigns have been taken out by Ahmed. Last month, the Sheffield Crown Court found him guilty of sexual charges against two youngsters. Two counts of attempted rape and one count of buggery were found against him. On Friday, Justice Lavender handed down the punishment. Lord Ahmed was accused in March 2019 of previous sexual offenses against two children, two instances of attempted rape, and one case of indecent assault dating back to the early 1970s. Ahmed faces allegations stemming from two complainants, a boy and a girl, and alleged occurrences that occurred between 1971 and 1974. A boy under the age of 14 is charged with indecent assault. He has been a vocal supporter of Khalistani terror groups as well as a critic of Indian policies.

In truth, he used his position to sexually exploit Kashmiri women, despite portraying himself as a warrior for the Kashmir cause. Nazir Ahmed was born in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, although he grew up and currently resides in Rotherham. In 1969, he and his family traveled to the United Kingdom to join his father, who worked in a steel factory in Rotherham. He became a property entrepreneur after studying at Sheffield Hallam University and running a series of shops in his hometown. In 1998, then-Prime Minister Tony Blair elevated him as one of the first Muslim peers to the House of Lords. In 2013, he resigned from the Labour Party.

According to the committee report, a group of Kashmiri women in London organized a Hollywood-style #MeToo protest campaign against politicians such as Nazir Ahmed and faith healers who are exploiting vulnerable women in the Kashmiri community.

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