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Maximum sanctions against Russia says Zelensky in Davos Summit

Attending the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos virtually, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for maximum sanctions against Russia. He addressed corporate executives, government officials, and other elite on the first day of the forum. President Zelensky took the forum to stop Russian aggression in the country by blocking its banks and cutting trade relations.


He urged the corporate executives and the foreign companies to stop setting up their branches in Russia and pushed for complete withdrawal to weaken the Russian economy. Zelensky asked the companies to prevent their support from its war by withdrawal and said that Ukraine needs at least $5 billion in funding per month to strengthen the country financially. 


Mr. Zelensky said, “The amount of work is enormous”. President also added that they have lost more than half a trillion dollars and therefore need to build an entire city. President Zelensky’s speech was one of the focuses of the Economic Forum and received a standing ovation after his speech.  


Klaus Schwab who is the founder of the event pointed out the changing political and economic landscape and added that “this war is a turning point.” The attendees met to discuss the hike in the global rise in fuel prices, Russia’s war in Ukraine, climate change, inequality, and health crises among others. 


One of the serious issues which will be dealt with by the forum is the food crisis. Russia and Ukraine are the major exporter of wheat, barley, and sunflower oil which has led to the global shortage issues and is threatening countries like Africa, West Asia and other parts of Asia that relies on these countries for regular and affordable supplies of the food. 


The World Economic Forum at Davos village in the Swiss Alps has been transformed into an attractive venue to conduct the four-day summit. The event after two years is conducted offline because of Covid -19 pandemic. 


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