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No final settlement on boundary issue : Gen Pande

Army chief had a broad conversation with the media on many pressing issues such as India- China border dispute and Ukraine- Russia war. Gen said that India’s aim and intention as far as the situation is concerned was to restore the status quo ante prior to April 2020. 


Army chief General Manoj Pande while addressing a group of  journalists at South Block said “China has not shown any intention to resolve the boundary issue.” India and China border dispute at Galwan Valley is now a year old and multiple rounds of resolution talks are held but still no commitment on the boundary is yet up. Gen Pande said “ It is good that we are talking and engaging with each other . Our troops continue to hold important positions along the LAC.”


Army chief affirmed that troops have been reoriented from west to northern borders with robust posture on the LAC and adequate forces to deter any contingencies. Moreover,he  focussed on the constant enhancement  of the defence and security system. Gen said defence is focussing on modernisation of intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, build infrastructure and support the logistics. He also emphasised about the induction and incorporation of new technologies in eastern Ladakh and the entire northern border of the country.


A journalist asked Gen Pande about the impact of the Russia- Ukraine war on the Indian Army preparedness, he stated key lessons from the war. He added his first lesson was that the war showed the relevance of conventional war as artillery guns, air defence guns,rockets,missiles and tanks were being employed in this war. It also reflected  that wars need  not necessarily be short and swift, it could be prolonged as well.


Second lesson for the army he said  is to be self-reliant  in terms of weapons, spares and equipment. Furthermore he said we are importing certain weapons especially in the area of air defence, rockets, missiles and tanks.  Supply chains of certain spares and ammunition are disrupted.  


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