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Pakistan is preparing to interfere in India-Afghan relations once more

According to a Taliban spokesperson, Pakistan “is like a second home” for the militant group, and the group has vowed to strengthen trade and strategic ties with its neighbor. The Taliban seek positive relations with India, according to the Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid.

“Pakistan and Afghanistan are neighbors. We have historically shared religious beliefs, and residents of the two nations frequently interact. We, therefore, anticipate extending our relationship with Pakistan “In an interview with Pakistan’s ARY News, Mujahid remarked. According to, Pakistan has never “interfered” in the affairs of the Taliban and has no part to play in their offensive to retake Afghanistan. The Taliban want good relations with all nations, including India, according to Mujahid, who also suggested that Pakistan and India meet down together to discuss their unresolved concerns.

The Taliban spokesperson stated their desire for a powerful, Islamic-based administration that includes all Afghans amid rumors regarding the formation of a new government in Afghanistan. Mullah Abdul Qayyum Zakir, a former Guantanamo detainee, was reportedly named interim defense minister by the Taliban on Wednesday, according to the news agency Reuters. Al Jazeera news station provided the information, according to Reuters. 

Although Mujahid informed ARY News that a government would be in place before the US exits Afghanistan on August 31, the Taliban have not yet officially confirmed the selections. Mujahid stated, “We are working on it, but the US should not postpone its plan to evacuate American soldiers.” The Taliban, according to Mujahid, won’t permit the use of Afghan soil against any other nation. The Taliban have taken over all areas, he continued, “restoring calm and normalcy in the war-torn country.”

However, when the Taliban retook power after a 20-year absence, numerous news organizations reported on their violence in Afghanistan. Fox News claims to have obtained video showing Taliban fighters prowling the streets of Kabul and other locations, shooting fire, and searching for former government employees. The channel also covered an incident in Takhar province where Taliban fighters executed a woman on Tuesday for disrobing in public.


By TIS Staffer
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