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President of Ukraine Zelensky to address UN amidst global outrage over civilians’ death

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Amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine “The US President, Joe Biden has yet again called the Russian President a war criminal” as Washington slaps correctional measures on Moscow. 

On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is going to address the UN Security Council. In the middle of the global outrage over the mass killing in Bucha town of the capital city of Kyiv. The dead bodies were lying across the streets of Bucha. The mass killings in Ukraine by the Russian military have put violence in the war-torn nation. In reaction to this US president, Joe Biden has again called the Russian president Vladimir Putin a “war Criminal”.

After the images from Bucha, the world responded with horror and Russia has said the photos are “fake.” The Ukrainian president said that ”The world has already witnessed war crimes, different times the war has happened on different continents. Yet this time Russian troops become the epitome of such evil on earth.’’ Zelensky in his nightly address.  

During Ukraine, President Zelensky addressed the nation late at night as Zelensky was fighting back the tears as he visited Bucha where the mass civilians were reportedly butchered by Russian Troops. President Zelensky said “These war crimes will be known by the world as genocide. Adding to it he stated that thousands of people have been killed and tortured with extremities cut off, women raped, and children get killed.” 

Amid the allegations, Russia called for a UN security council as it recounts the Bucha Killings as “heinous incitement of Ukrainian radicals in Bucha,” 

US President Joe Biden added that whatever is happening to Bucha is outrageous and everyone’s seen it. We have to assemble all the details to have a war crimes trial.” Ukraine’s president is expected to address the UN security council. Ukrainian solicitor general Iryna Venediktova said 410 civilians’ bodies were found in the Kyiv region.

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