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QUAD plans to do an Indo-Pacific meet in Tokyo on May 24

The most-awaited QUAD meet is scheduled to take place in Tokyo around May 24, unless the Australian general election doesn’t result in an adverse outcome for Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will likely join the Australia, United States, and Japan next month to send out the message that the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue abides to restrain 

China in the Indo-Pacific region, in spite of the geopolitical disturbance that occurred due to the Russia- Ukraine conflict.

According to officials based in Tokyo and Washington, US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese PM Fumio Kishida have decided to meet on May 24 as the date for the QUAD summit, but the Australian Foreign Ministry will confirm the same after the results of the general election on 21 May.  

The QUAD meet will come off on May 24 unless waiting for confirmation from the Australian government. If they are unable to make it, then they may suffer from incumbent losses, as Anthony Albanese, opponent of Morrison, is doing far better than expected, though the former is also doing well. 

Indian Prime Minister is looking forward to the QUAD meeting with Washington firmly committing to New Delhi on joining the Indo-Pacific and building a heavy instrument of law-abiding representative countries. The diplomats said Human Rights on odd friction apart from the India-US two-plus-two conversation went off effectively, the commitment for the long trail in the Indi-Pacific notwithstanding its instantaneous concentration with Russia’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine. 

The diplomats added “The conflict between Ukraine manifests no signs of stopping, the QUAD leaders will discuss the dispute initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin and also efforts on getting Asian nations such as Philippines and Indonesia convoluted with the shared vision of the Indo-Pacific.” The QUAD leaders will also share their evaluation of Chinese aggression towards Taiwan and its deep hesitancy to remove and decrease on its East Ladakh border with India following the Chinese PLA’s offensive in the area in May 2020.


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