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Russian forces block Mariupol, the port city of Ukraine


Mariupol, the port city of Ukraine, is under a “ blockade” post “ruthless” attacks by the Russian military, Mariupol’s mayor said on Saturday. The city of 450,000 people is located on the sea of Azov and has constantly been bombarded and the basic necessities like water, electricity, food and transportation have been cut off by the Russian forces.  

 “For now, we are looking for solutions to humanitarian problems and all possible ways to get Mariupol out of the blockade, Our priority is the establishment of a ceasefire so that we can restore vital infrastructure and set up a humanitarian corridor to bring food and medicine into the city.” Vadim Boychenko the mayor of the city said in a message posted on the mayor’s Telegram account. 

 The Ukraine-Russian war has been going on since February 24. Till now the war has caused many casualties and even Europe’s largest nuclear atomic power plant ‘Zaporizhzhia’ was attacked, putting a threat on the safety of the whole European Union. Till now two key cities have been seized by Moscow in the 10-day long invasion. Ukraine and Russia are going to hold the third round of talks near the Belarus border over the weekend. Both sides supported the idea of humanitarian corridors during the second round of talks held on Thursday. Twitter and Facebook have been restricted by Moscow in Russia. Around 1 million people have left Ukraine since the Russian invasion, the United Nations said. 

 Under the Operation Ganga, three IAF airplanes landed at the Hindon airbase on Saturday. The aircraft was caring for around 629 Indians from Ukraine’s neighboring countries. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, India has been safely evacuating its nationals from Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. The IAF told in a statement that, “Till date, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has flown 10 sorties to bring back 2,056 passengers, while taking 26 tonnes of relief load to these countries, as part of Operation Ganga. ”

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