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Ukraine to soon be equipped with advanced weapons from US and Germany

Germany on Wednesday said it would provide the latest missiles and radar systems to Ukraine, while the US will provide four medium-ranged, robust rocket systems and ammunition. The US is trying to help Ukraine fight against Russians and, at the same time, not trigger a major war in Europe. The Pentagon had said that they are assured that Ukraine will not fire the latest rockets at Russian territory. 

In response, the Russian government said that the US had provoked the war by providing advanced weapons to Ukraine. The western arms have proved dangerous in providing defeat to the robust and fully-equipped military, preventing its effect on capturing Ukraine and shifting Moscow’s focus to the industrial Donbas region in the east. But the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, amid Russia’s bombardment of towns, has asked for better weapons and blamed the West for moving slowly. 

The head of the Ukrainian president, Andriy Yermak, welcomed the new weapons and said, “I’m sure that if we receive all the necessary weapons and strengthen the efficient sanctions regime we will win.”

The US security assistance package of $700 million includes not only the rocket systems but also helicopters, radars, Javelin anti-tank weapon systems, spare parts, tactical vehicles, and many more. The rockets consist of a range of about 80 km and are highly mobile. The announcement for the package came as the regional government has said that Russia controls over 80% of Severodonetsk. It is the central city where Moscow is trying to complete its capture of the Donbas, where Russia and Ukraine have fought for years.


By TIS Staffer
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