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Ukrainian President Zelensky shares a video saying “We are still in Kyiv & defending Ukraine”


Amidst the invasion of Ukraine, Russian media is spreading the news that Zelensky and his team had fled from the country. Countering the rumors, Zelensky, on Friday, posted a video on social in which he was seen standing outside the administrative building along with his team. In the video message, he said “We are here. We are in Kyiv. We are defending Ukraine”.

The invasion of Ukraine started with air missiles striking cities across the country in the early morning hours on Thursday, and escalated hours later with ground troops moving over the borders from Crimea. The violence expanded to regions previously untouched by the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Several videos posted on social media appeared to show a missile hitting Ivano-Franskik, St Petersburg, and Dnipro.

As night fell, the Russian Military claimed that they destroyed at least 74 Ukrainian military sites, including 11 airfields. Zelensky said at least 137 Ukrainians had been killed so far, including both civilians and military casualties and another 316 people had been wounded. Russian troops and thousands of combat vehicles invaded Ukrainian borders on Thursday. The Russian forces earlier struck down the military infrastructure and border guard units of Ukraine. Following this, the Ukrainian forces officials said the Russian Military had crossed the borders on Thursday, near Kharkiv in the north and Luhansk in the east. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion on Thursday, 24th Feb despite tougher sanctions imposed by the international community including NATO and G7 leaders. Ukrainian president on Thursday compared Russia to the civilized world. He also asked world leaders for powerful assistance in fighting with Russia. Zelensky said if leaders don’t support, tomorrow war will knock on your door. This is a dangerous moment for all of Europe around the world, he said. The Ukrainian President has also stated that the Kremlin wants to kill him in order to establish a new government that will be inclined towards Russia.

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