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Union Minister says Indian students who study overseas fail here

Prahlad Joshi

Pralhad Joshi, a Union Minister, has made the contentious allegation that “90% of Indian students who study medicine abroad fail to pass qualifying exams in India.” The Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, on the other hand, also questioned the timing of the issues and said that “this is not the ideal moment to question why students are moving out to study medicine.”

To practice medicine in India, foreign medical graduates must pass the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE). Mr. Joshi’s remark comes as tens of thousands of Indian students remain stranded in Ukraine, which is currently embroiled in a terrible war with Russia’s invading soldiers. Since the outbreak of hostilities between Ukraine and Russia on Thursday, recordings from students desperate to flee the country have poured in.

According to the students, they are being forced to wait for hours without food or water at the border, where many have arrived after walking miles in sub-zero temperatures. One of the students, a 21-year-old Karnataka native, died in Kharkiv yesterday as a result of Russian shelling. As opposition criticism of the government grew louder over what it dubbed the government’s delayed evacuation pace, many on social media contended that the students were given timely warnings by the government but they decided to ignore the instructions of evacuation.

Many made sarcastic remarks about “NIFT rejects” (those who failed the all-India medical entrance exam) studying in Ukraine. The administration has stated that all attempts are being made to safely return the students to their homes. Sources even say that evacuation is taking place in locations where movement is not threatened by the war. According to the authorities, more than 9000 Indian students have been evacuated from Ukraine, with a large number currently residing in safer places.

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