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Doklam Standoff: Major Diplomatic Win For India As China Agrees To Disengage Troops

Doklam Standoff: Major Diplomatic Win For India As China Agrees To Disengage Troops

In a major diplomatic-political development, Doklam Standoff seems to come to an end after three months in Sikkim region as indicated by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Monday. It announced that India and China are gradually disengaging their troops from the site of Doklam. MEA calls it ‘expeditious disengagement’.
“..expeditious disengagment of broder personnel at the face-off site at Doklam has been agreed to and is on-going”, said a press statement from the MEA.
This big move comes ahead of the BRICS Summit, which will be attended by the leaders from five countries including Narendra Modi. The summit will take place between 3-5 September in Xiamen in China. Modi met Xi Jinping in Hamburg on the occasion of G20 summit amidst the standoff.
The MEA press statement is said that during bilateral communications, “we were able to express our views and concerns and interests”. It was on the basis of these communications, according to the statement, that the agreement to disengagement was reached.
According to Reuters, the Beijing foreign ministry said that Indian forces have already withdrawn to the “Indian side of the border”. Chinese foreign Minister Hua Chunying said that China will continue to exerciseits territorial sovereignty in accordance with historical conventions’.
The people’s daily China also tweeted, “China, India agree to end 2-month-long standoff in #Doklam: China confirms India has withdrawn troops”.

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