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Few arrested in Jahangirpuri Violence Case, Security beefed

Rakesh Asthana

Rakesh Asthana, the commissioner of the Delhi Police, stated on Monday that 23 individuals had been arrested in connection with the incident so far, adding that those who were part of the fights will not be spared.

The Delhi Police arrested two people on Monday who were allegedly involved in the violence in Jahangirpuri, northwest Delhi, on Saturday evening. Tensions were high in the area, with police cordoning off the entire area around the mosque where two groups clashed and police officers encountered minor resistance while arresting a suspect.

On Monday, a few shops opened, and almost 500 police officers and six more police companies were stationed in the neighborhood. The main route in the Muslim-dominated C-Block was entirely closed off, and police officials were stationed separately in the narrow streets where the clash occurred during a Hanuman Jayanti parade.

Rakesh Asthana, the commissioner of the Delhi Police, stated on Monday that 23 individuals had been arrested in connection with the incident so far, adding that those who were part of the fights will not be spared. On the other hand, he dismissed claims that the religious procession’s members attempted to hoist saffron flags at the neighborhood mosque. Two teenagers were also imprisoned as a result of their participation.

In Jahangirpuri’s CD Park area Monday morning, police officials attempting to apprehend Yunus alias Sonu, the guy who allegedly fired at the procession in a video of the incident published on social media, encountered slight resistance from some persons who threw stones at them. Salma, a 22-year-old woman, has been arrested and charged with throwing a stone at police officers. When someone is bound down, they must appear in front of the authorities whenever they are questioned during the course of an inquiry.

Sheikh Hameed, 36, a CD Park resident, was also arrested, according to the police, and is a scrap dealer who allegedly provided glass bottles thrown at the procession. According to his sister Shahana, Hameed was at Samaypur Badli at the time of the riots. “On Saturday, he went to Badli to pick scrap and didn’t return till the confrontations ended. On Monday, he was asked to pick up items from C-Block by the man who sells our scrap. She stated, “Police picked him up from there.”

Arrests are being made following “due and proper inquiry,” according to a senior police official. Shopkeepers say the violence and large police presence has harmed their business. “We didn’t open the shop on Sunday,” Vijay, who owns a hardware and sanitaryware store, explained. We’ve only been operating for a day, and there are no customers. No one is coming because they are afraid, and the highways are also closed,” he explained.

Five of the six Hindus arrested on Sunday for their alleged roles in the altercation are neighbors and come from the same hamlet in West Bengal. Sujeet Jaldar, Sukhen Sarkar, his brother Suresh Sarkar, and their kids Neeraj and Suraj were identified by police. G-block is home to Sujeet and his two brothers. In the lanes of G-Block, a BJP poster was pinned on the door of Sukhen’s house. Sujeet’s wife, Meenu, remarked, “He assists everyone here and is also politically involved.”

On Sunday, Meenu said, police officers dressed in civilian attire arrived and inquired about the march. “My husband Sujeet stated he was carrying the cart with the Hanuman statue on it, and Sukhen and Suresh said they did.” Officials stated they’d question them and then release them, but they never returned,” she added. A journalist informed Meenu about the arrests at about 8 p.m., she said. “I admire police officers who do their jobs, but they should have alerted us about the arrest at the very least.”

People from the region left for the parade at 1:30 p.m., according to Meenu, and planned to return with the idol to put it in the area. She denied allegations that individuals in the parade were carrying swords and other weapons, saying, “They were only holding flags and nothing else.” She also stated that there was nothing improper with the procession’s route. “No one has the authority to tell us which path to pursue. I believe my husband and brothers did the right thing by fighting when they were requested to take a different path. Shaheed Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighters gave their lives for the country. “They’ve merely gone to jail,” she claimed, referring to Suresh and Sukhen as “area protectors.”

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