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India, Pakistan and China abstain from voting at UNGA against anti-Russia resolution

India at UNGA

For the second time in about a week, India abstains from voting against Russia at the United Nations. India, along with Pakistan, China, and a few other countries abstained from voting on an anti-Russia resolution in the UNGA.

India has been maintaining their neutral stance in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and it was again witnessed at the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly), when India, abstained from voting against an anti-Russia resolution. India was among the 35 countries that abstained from voting. Among these countries were China and Pakistan, who also abstained from voting against Russia.

The resolution in the United Nations General Assembly consisting of 193 members was adopted and saw 141 nations supporting the resolution and 5 nations voting against it. India, during its address, stated that “India has been deeply concerned over the rapidly deteriorating situation in Ukraine and the ensuing humanitarian crisis.” Further, the Indian Ambassador to UN, T S Tirumurti, said “An Indian national was tragically killed in Kharkiv yesterday due to the ongoing hostilities. We express our deepest condolences to his family and to that of each and every innocent civilian who has lost his or her life in this conflict. We demand safe and uninterrupted passage for all Indian nationals, including our students who are still stranded in Ukraine, particularly from Kharkiv and other cities in the conflict zones.”

The resolution adopted at United Nations General Assembly also condemned the decision made by Russian Federation to put their nuclear forces on high alert and urged for a peaceful resolution between both Ukraine and Russia. The resolution also deplored the involvement of Russia’s ally and neighbor Belarus for their unlawful use of forces against Ukraine. 

Apart from India, China and Pakistan also abstained from voting. The reason for China to abstain from voting against Russia is likely because of its close ties with Moscow as both Russia and China aim to put a formidable force against the West. Pakistan, like India, also maintained a neutral position as they are one of the largest importers of Ukrainian arms and ammunitions, and also maintained close ties with Moscow.

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By TIS Staffer
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