Indian Government is dedicated to safely evacuating its citizens from Ukraine


The Indian government is putting in all the efforts to evacuate Indian Citizens who are stuck in Ukraine amid Ukraine- Russian war. However, around 16,000 Indian Citizens are still stuck in Ukraine out of which many are students. As the war emerges the parents are getting more and more worried about their children. 

Till now India has successfully brought back around 4000 citizens from Ukraine. On Thursday, an Air India flight was forced to return after the closure of airspace. Indian Embassy in Ukraine assures that they are trying to find alternative ways to evacuate its citizens. 

Speaking to The India Saga, Mayank Pandey, an Indian Citizen, student from Bihar. Mayank told the The India Saga that the Indian Embassy has asked them to reach the nearest border. However, the nearest border from their city is around 1000 kilometers away and the students do not have means of transportation to cover such a long distance safely. The people and their families are scared right now and they feel helpless.  

Dr. S Jaishankar, the Union Minister of External Affairs has told that Ukraine’s Western neighbors Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland have agreed to help in the evacuation of Indian citizens by utilizing their land routes. Arindam Bagchi, the spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs, also tweeted the contact details of MEA teams that Indian nationals near the border points with these countries could reach out to.   

The Ministry of External Affairs expanded its control room to be operational for 24 hours to provide all the information and help that Indian Nationals need. Many helpline numbers and emails have also been shared. Even many state governments are delicately working and trying to help all the Indian citizens who are stuck in Ukraine.

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