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Indian Railways cancels around 1100 trains due to Coal Crisis

The coal shortage in India is continuously creating a big dilemma. By keeping in mind the problem of coal shortage, the Indian Railway has cancelled many trains in the month of April. Now, again in the month of May, Indian Railway decided to call off approx 1100 trains till 24th May 2022. These cancelled trains include both mail and passenger trains. Trains are cancelled because coal is supplied to Thermal Power plants. To stop any kind of hurdle or for the smooth flow of coal-loaded trains, these trains are cancelled. 

On April 29, the railways announced the cancellation of 240 passenger trains to facilitate the movement of at least 400 rakes across the country. Several states are also facing the problem of electricity scarcity and these states include Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. People of these states are also witnessing problems because of power cuts. The governments of these states also held a meeting to resolve all these issues immediately.

In recent days on the issue of coal shortage, minister of parliamentary affairs, Pralhad Joshi said that “The power plants have 21 million tonnes stock and which is enough for some days further he also adds by combining with coal India we have a stock for 80 days.” For the last few days, light problems are also going on in India and over the matter of electricity shortage and power cut, Minister of Power, Raj Kumar Singh said that India is facing coal shortage and behind this is also Russia- Ukraine war that has also impacted coal import in India. 

The central government expects the electricity demand to rise in the month of May and wants to move as much coal as possible to the power production plants in various states.


By TIS Staffer
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