Indian roads should be symbol of bravery rather than of slavery: BJP

Following his request for the Delhi government to rename 40 villages, BJP state Unit Chief Adesh Gupta wrote to the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) on Tuesday, requesting that six roads be named after Mughal rulers in the Lutyens’ Delhi area, including Akbar Road and Tughlaq Road, should be renamed as they are “symbols of slavery.” He rather suggested renaming the roads after brave sons of the country.


Adesh Gupta requested that Tughlaq Road be renamed Guru Gobind Singh Marg and Akbar Road be renamed Maharana Pratap. Moreover, Aurangzeb Lane as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Lane and Babar Lane as Khudiram Bose Lane in a letter to NDMC chairman Dharmendra dated May 10. 


The letter is sent to Meenakshi Lekhi, Union Minister of State for External Affairs, Arvind Kejriwal, NDMC Vice-Chairman Satish Upadhyay, and other NDMC members. Officials from the NDMC stated they are “looking into the request.”


The BJP leader is demanding the renaming of 40 villages in the Capital. He attacked the Congress party for appeasement politics as the reason behind naming the roads after foreigner invaders like Babar, Humayun, Aurangzeb, and Akbar. He added that it is regretful that Congress was carrying this baggage for years.


Mr. Gupta said, “ As a real tribute to the founder of the Khalsa Panth Sikhs’ 10 Guru, Guru Gobind Singh who sacrificed his four sons for religion and security of the country, we demand that Tughlaq Road, which is a symbol of Mughal era slavery, be now named after him.” 


He also mentioned not to look at suggestions from the Hindu- the Muslim prism but it is the wish of the common people of India. Mr. Gupta said people want to rename the roads after Guru Gobind Singh, Maharana Pratap, and the country’s first Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat as they are symbols of bravery. 


The Delhi Congress chief Ch. Anil Kumar suggested to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rename the new Parliament building after Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam because he is a non-political eminent figure. He added that all the gates of the building after rishi -munis and mahapurush of the country.


The Delhi Congress chief said, “ If the BJP wants to do something for the Capitals, it should build new community centers, improve municipal infrastructure and provide civic amenities.”

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