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Karnataka High court says Hijab is a non-essential part of Islam

Karnataka High Court

Today the Karnataka High court has finally delivered its verdict on the hijab controversy that tends to a week of protests and escorted the authorities to close schools across the states, while also knocking over the other parts of the country. Endorsing the ban, the court said that wearing the hijab is not a necessary religious practice of the Islamic faith. The full bench including Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, JM Khazi, and Krishna S Dixit heard a batch of petitions by students of Karanataka, expressing that they should be allowed to wear a hijab during attending the class. 

Earlier on February 16, the Karnataka government issued a circular quoting the High Court’s meanwhile orders that directed all schools and colleges under the minority welfare department not to allow hijabs, saffron stoles, and scarves in classrooms. According to the state government, the students should follow the uniform dress code set by the institutions whereas hijab was not an essential part of religious practice.  

On Tuesday, a Union minister stated to the news agency  “I request to everyone that the state and the country has to go forward, everyone has to maintain peace by accepting the order of High Court. The fundamental of students is to study. So leave all this to a side they should study and be united.  “Meantime, PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti said that the order is deeply disappointing. “On one hand, we hand we should talk about empowering women yet we are denying them the right to be a simple choice. It is not about religion but the freedom to choose,” she tweeted. 

AIMIM chief Asaduaddin Owaisi also reacted to the verdict and stated that “ I contradict this decision by Karnataka High court on Hijab. It is my right to disagree with the judgment & hope that petitioners should appeal before the Supreme court.  

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