Kerala would no more scrap old low-floor buses instead, turn them into classrooms


Kerala’s transport minister Antony Raju said on Tuesday that the state transport department will re-modify some of the old low-floor buses into classrooms on a trial basis. He said that this initiative will help the state bring more classrooms for learning, as students will need more classrooms after they come back from the summer vacation in June. This will also help students take more interest in learning.


State transport minister during a function said “We are doing it on an experimental basis. Two buses will be given to an upper primary school in Thiruvananthapuram. Malappuram district has also sought two buses. It will be a new experience for children”. The function took place in the state capital. 


The Kerala education minister V Sivankutty, also present at the function, praised the idea and termed it a “novel one”. The transport department further said that the low-floor buses will be re-modified with proper seating arrangements. He also said that a minimum of two classrooms can be arranged on the bus. 


The State Transport minister also joked about it and said that now no one should say that they only want low floor buses and not buildings for classrooms. He added, that there are several buses of the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) that are lying idle after the pandemic and are not in the condition to get back on road. So they decided to convert low-floor buses into classrooms. This request came from the state education minister and was immediately considered. The classrooms in buses will be the first such classroom and will turn into reality soon. 


According to reports, there are around 400 buses under KSRTC that are not in a proper condition and would be scrapped soon. Some of these buses have been used as resting rooms for bus crew and some converted to cafes for a women’s self-help program. The KSRTC was undergoing losses for a long and was used to pump for the poor Public Service Undertaking (PSU). Recently, it asked the corporation to find its way to generate money and stopped helping them resulting in a crisis.


It is yet to be seen, how many of these buses will be turned into classrooms in the coming days.


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