MCD will make 63 lakh people vagrant

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal got angry at the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) action regarding unauthorized buildings. 53-year-old CM said that the BJP government broke houses and shops of the civilians which in his eyes is completely wrong. He further said that his government is completely against encroachment and it would not tolerate bulldozing actions done by BJP.

On Monday,the national capital’s Chief Minister called a meeting with the Members of The Legislative Assembly(  MLAs) regarding the bulldozing action. That meeting started near 11 am at Arvind Kejriwal’s residence in which all MLAs and officers marked their presence. Mr. Kejriwal said that the way BJP is trying to break into the homes and shops of Delhiites is completely inaccurate and we are against this action. If MCD does not stop doing this then in the upcoming days nearly 63 lakhs of people in the country’s capital will come on the street.

Chief Minister also said that he opposes this bulldozer strategy of the Bhartiya Janta Party and for some weeks in Delhi MCD runs their bulldozer. He said in his statement that, “The way in which Delhi is structured is that more than 80% of Delhi will break by the MCD action plan, and in people’s homes, bulldozers will run. Apart from this, some people show their legal and authorized documents but MCD don’t listen to their voice and runs bulldozers to their authorized homes and shops said  Delhi Chief Minister.’’

Mr. Kejriwal also posted a tweet on his Twitter and said “The way BJP is destroying people’s houses and shops in Delhi’s, it is not right. Bulldozers can run on the shops or houses of 63 lakh people. This will be the biggest destruction of independent India.’’

In the meeting, he also said that he will always support the people of  Delhi and he can do everything to help people even if there will be a situation of going to lockup for, him he will not hesitate to tak the punishment for people’s voice and rights.


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