PM Modi is criticized by Rahul Gandhi for the Agnipath scheme

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, intensified his criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP administration on Wednesday in relation to the Agnipath initiative. In expressing his support for the demonstrators, he attacked the prime minister for “weakening the army with a new deception” and declared that “real patriotism resides in boosting the army.”

“The Chinese army is currently occupying Indian soil. The army needs to be strengthened, but the prime minister is weakening it with a fresh falsehood. We support the kids in their campaign to protect the nation’s future. I’ll tell it again: You need to return “Agneepath,” “Rahul Gandhi tweeted something. On Wednesday, he spoke to lawmakers and parliamentarians in Congress “The Modi administration has shattered the backbone of the nation, the small and medium-sized businesses. I warn everyone who wakes up early to prepare for the Army, Navy, or Air Force that the country’s spine has been shattered and that it will be impossible for this nation to provide jobs for its young people.”

Rahul Gandhi was being questioned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in the National Herald Case, and Congress has been contesting both of these actions. On June 14, the administration unveiled the program, under which recruits, known as “Agniveers,” will perform a four-year tour of duty before being eligible for retirement in 75 percent of cases. The plan led to widespread demonstrations and several violent incidents that were reported in more than ten states. In addition to torching cars and trains, protesters also vandalized both public and private property.

Top military figures from the Army, Navy, and Air Force emphasized on Sunday that the strategy will not be reversed and provided reassurances to prospective recruits.

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