Why Supreme Court put the sedition law on hold?

In the history of the Supreme Court, the first-time supreme court put a case on hold at the time of the hearing. The Supreme court put a hold on the 152-year-old Sedition Law’s next hearing will be in July.  Now no new cases under 124A will be filed under the British era legislation till that its provision is fully re-examined. And people who are in jail in the case of sedition for them court will be open and there is not any hold on their hearing so they can apply for their relief.


During the year 2014-2019 in IPC 124 A against the sedition, nearly 326 cases were filed and in this matter approx 559 people were arrested and against 141 people charge sheets have been filed. But in the court the duration of six years only 6 people are proved criminals.


The Supreme court in the history of 72 years never put any case on hold at the time of the hearing. In Supreme Court solicitors Tushar Mehta filed an argument that if there will be a serious case found against the Sedition then a case has to be filled. A final decision over Sedition is so important because Sedition law was made in the British rule and after independence, many times in supreme court deeds are filed but a final decision has not come whether it should be implemented or not.


Under 124A regarding Sedition if someone speaks or writes against the county, if someone tries to disrespect our national symbols, or if someone uses abusive words regarding the government then under sedition law those people can go to jail for a minimum of 3 years or for a lifetime also.


After the supreme court held a decision over sedition political parties targeted each other. Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi posted a tweet on Twitter regarding the supreme court hold decision.

His tweet read, “Telling the truth is patriotism, not treason

Listening to the truth is the Rajdharma,

To crush the truth is arrogance.

Do not fear!.” 


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