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Why has MOJO replace of traditional journalism?

 These days mobile journalism provides the news of the country and the world with the speed of electricity. And it’s a medium that offers the information mostly without any charge. Mobile journalism is a form of digital storytelling where the prime device is used for giving information with different features. MOJO provides various features like editing images, audio, and video on a smartphone due to which more and more people are attracted to it. Somewhere it also affects traditional journalism in today’s time mostly the young generation wants everything in a rapid manner and that’s the main reason they shift themselves toward it. Here’s a list of reasons why:

Single Device- It is true that in mobile journalism you don’t require to carry many devices with you. A smartphone is enough to give any information or news to the audience. With the help of mobile, you can collect information from anywhere and share it easily.

Easy to carry – Nowadays in the trend of mobile journalism you do not have the headache of carrying many instruments with you. Because a mobile already has many features like camera, recording, video and many more. So in this, you do not need to carry your camera, laptop or computer, or recorder separately. Internet speed is also strong you can do your work from where you want and share the information easily.

Interaction and communication with the audience- Mobile journalism provides the facility of communication and interaction with the audience. Through mobile journalism, journalist shares their views and interact with their audience. and this mobile journalism has transformed the way we consume information.

  Pandemic pushes MOJO- it is true that at the time pandemic pushes mobile journalism. At the time of covid when reporters and news anchors were unable to go outside for shots at that time they use their mobile phones for every feature.

  A culture of instant gratification – taught us that there is no need to wait to receive information. The reality of mobile journalism is that it supplies just that. Traditional reporting, on the other hand, is more limited in its scope as it relies on the few rather than the many. Traditional journalists create discrete and finished products for mass media, while mobile journalists disseminate pieces of the story as they are revealed.



By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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