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Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM fails to create an impact in UP, claims that “our spirits are high”


Result of the Uttar Pradesh Election: Owaisi’s AIMIM was a member of the Bhagidari Parivartan Morcha coalition, which failed to gain a single seat in the state.

Despite the fact that the BJP’s seat count has decreased, AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi was unable to make a dent in Uttar Pradesh, which elected the BJP back into power with a massive margin. Owaisi was a member of the Bhagidari Parivartan Morcha, which failed to gain a single seat in the state legislature. He stated his party accepts the “people’s mandate” in response to the poll results on Thursday.

“All political parties are attempting to obscure their defeat by bringing up EVM difficulties… the fault is not with the EVM, but with the chip implanted in people’s minds. Although there has been some success, the ratio is 80-20. We’ll get back to work tomorrow, and I’m confident we’ll perform better next time “ANI news agency cited him as saying. When speaking of the BJP, the 48-year-old MP from Hyderabad brought up the topic of minorities once more: “The state’s minorities have been utilized just as vote banks… the BJP also won in Lakhimpur Kheri, which is why I say it’s an 80-20 win; this 80-20 condition will last for years. That is something that needs to be understood… We’re still in a good mood.”

Farmers’ killings in Uttar Pradesh, in which union minister Ajay Mishra’s son is a suspect, had become a national topic before the elections. Despite demonstrations and appeals for justice for those who were killed, the BJP won all eight seats in the area. Apart from the AIMIM, the Jan Adhikari Party, led by Babu Singh Kushwaha, the Bharat Mukti Morcha, led by Vaman Meshram, the Janata Kranti Party, led by Anil Singh Chauhan, and the Bhartiya Vanchit Samaj Party, led by Ram Prasad Kashyap, were all members of the Bhagidari Parivartan Morcha. 

According to the news agency PTI, the AIMIM, which ran 100 candidates in UP this time, received.43 percent of the vote. The party ran for 38 seats in the most recent state elections. He had also blasted the Samajwadi Party and Mayawati’s BSP for “backstabbing” minorities throughout the campaign. “For the past 30 years, SP-BSP has been instilling fear in you and soliciting your vote. You cast your vote for both the SP and the BSP, but you were stabbed in the back. Your children did not receive an education or a job, and poverty was our fate “‘Last month,’ he added.

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