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5 home decor items that bring good luck and prosperity

5 home decor items that bring good luck and prosperity

Do you also like decorating your home with exquisite home decor items? Then why not use some decor items then are known for bringing prosperity and good luck. According to Vastu Shastra, many decor items bring positive vibes to your home. Here are some items that you can use to decorate your home. 

Here are 5 home decor items that bring good luck and prosperity

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes will add beauty to your home for sure but with that, they will also help to attract positive vibes, peace, and happiness. In the West, North, and North West zone the metal wind chimes should be hunged. They are known for bringing career opportunities and good luck.  While the wooden wind chimes bring growth and money when hung in East, South East, and South Direction. The ceramic wind chimes can bring luck in love. They are best suited in South West, Centre and North-East zone. 

Feng Shui Elephant with Frog 

An elephant is a symbol of strength. The frog symbolizes prosperity and wealth. The two animals when combined bring wealth, luck, stability, and victory. It is also known for increasing strength and wisdom. The placement should be done in the living room, office, or shop. 

Fish aquariums

Fish aquariums bring life to your space and they are known for rectifying many doshas. Researches also prove that having aquariums tend to reduce stress, high blood pressure, and anxiety as well. The aquariums are supposed to be placed in the living room in the South-East direction. If you want to put the aquarium in any other room then make sure it is kept in the North direction. 

Buddha Statue  

Buddha Statue is known to safeguard you and your house from negative energy and also makes your surroundings peaceful. It is one of the most popular Vastu home decor items. In both Feng Shui and Vastu, the laughing Buddha is considered very important. East is the best direction to keep the statue. Also, make sure that the statue is authentic and it should not be placed on the floor and should be cleaned on regular basis. 

Horseshoe Amulet 

Hanging a horseshoe amulet at the entrance of your home can bring luck, happiness, money, it also protects your family and relationships. While placing the horseshoe amulet make sure that you don’t place it on the inside door of your house. 

This was your list of items that will attract positive vibes into your house. We hope that you get all the good luck and prosperity in your life. 

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