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A Bride’s True Friend On Her Big Day – Abhishek Makeovers’ Duo

A Bride’s True Friend On Her Big Day – Abhishek Makeovers’ Duo

To brighten up a bride’s face on her big day, one needs a professional make-up artist with a magical touch. Someone like Celebrity makeup artist Abhishek Verma and Arjun Verma and their brand, Abhishek Makeovers! This makeover agency is a god’s gift for the beautiful brides all over the world, who want to look exceptionally gorgeous for their wedding.

Both Abhishek Verma and Arjun Verma started their career in this field at the basic level. But today, they are working with some of the celebrated artists in the film industry and modeling world. In fact, their journey, from small-town Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh to the city beautiful, Chandigarh, is nothing less than inspiring. Abhishek was quite interested in the aesthetics of the human personality right since the beginning, that is why he got the courage to opt for such an unusual career choice.

The brand Abhishek Makeovers has hordes of satisfied customers, who’ve looked their best selves, and carved fond memories of the same, all thanks to this talented duo. Their Instagram handle, abhishek.makeovers, is full of the success stories that they have painted over the years with the help of their make-up kit and an innate sense of beauty and glamour. All those beautiful faces of happy brides, glowing with their own inner happiness as well as with the magic created by Abhishek Makeovers!

Today, Abhishek and Arjun aren’t just make-up artistes but have upgraded to being cosmetologists, of repute. Their reputation precedes them everywhere. So, it is not surprising at all that they get to handle clients from everywhere, both India and abroad. Besides, they are also busy in training the next generation of make-up experts and cosmetologists.

Currently based in Chandigarh, both Abhishek and Arjun, have worked with celebrities like Himanshi Khurana, Yukti Thareja, and Ikka. Their personal touch to every client’s work lends them the credibility that many regular make-up artists lack in.

If you take a look at their YouTube channel or Facebook page, you would know that they are no ordinary artists. They represent the new breed of young professionals, for whom the client is the God and their work, their worship!

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