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Abhishek Tapadia- Walks The Talk

Abhishek Tapadia

When you take a step towards your dream, it becomes a goal. However, this journey demands strong willpower, determination, courage, passion, and commitment. One who persists lives his dream.

Such is the story of Abhishek Tapadia, whose passion for automobiles fueled him to create a life of his dream. Today, he is the talk of the town for bringing limited luxurious supercars and bikes brands to India.  

He belongs to a family that has a good name in the construction industry. It was up to him to carry forward the name. However, Abhishek’s passion for cars and bikes was calling him in a different direction.

It has been said and seen that if you would not write your story, then people would do it for you. It applies to everyone. One has to persist no matter how uncertain life looks because the universe favors the brave. 

He could have settled for a life that his family wished for him. However, he followed his passion for automobiles and create his identity.

At a very early age, Abhishek Tapadia bought an Aston Martin vantage N420 roadster 4.7-liter, 420bhp V8, a special edition car limited production to 420 globally & the only one that existed in India.

This marked the beginning of the journey of a man, who is known as the Torque of the town now.

He got noticed globally and in India when he bought a few Honda runes, 1800 cc, limited production bike. It is only 200 built worldwide. It created a buzz as it was rumored that it costs Honda $100,000 to make each bike.

Abhishek also runs a showroom called E- Rides in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He started this showroom with a 300 sq ft shop and slowly expanded it. His choices inspire others and represent youths who not only follow their passion but also understand their responsibility in making this world a better place to live.

He also got awarded LOKMAT MAHARASHTRA’S MOST STYLISH AWARD, 2017, in the automobile sector.

He also works for his family business and constructed huge malls, residential projects, and commercial avenues. Currently, he is currently working on a mall project in Amaravati, which is about to be completed soon. It has been awarded as the best upcoming Mall of India by the Shopping Centres Association of India.

With each achievement, he is raising the bar higher and setting up an example for youths. It is commendable the way Abhishek is taking care of his family’s construction business and focusing on his passion for the automobile as well. It is a great example of time management and commitment.

Abhishek’s choices and his journey are inspiring. It may look like he has achieved a lot, but it looks like that it is just the beginning for him. He aims to build an automobile mall next. It would be a splendid gift for automobile lovers.

He truly lives up to the title “ Torque of the Town”

We wish you all the best in your endeavors and look forward to witnessing your journey. Keep raising the bar higher and keep inspiring.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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