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Aditi Govitrikar Felicitates Cakeobite Founder Safiha Alam As Best Young Entrepreneur In Online Bakery At Bengal Pride Award

Safiha Alam

“You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” — Steve Jobs

Safiha Alam is an adroit baker who received the Best Young Entrepreneur In Online Bakery awarded for her efforts in building a rewarding career in the domain. She received the award in the BENGAL PRIDE AWARD show that is hosted annually to put the most hardworking individuals of the state into the spotlight. The awards show was hosted by renowned celebrities including Sushmita Sen, Shakti Kapoor, Mahek Chahal, Altaf Raja, Aditi Govitkar, and a few other dignitaries who added the entertainment element and felicitated awards to winners.

It is surprising to see a twenty-year-old baker receive an award for her entrepreneurial spirit which encourages more and more people to pursue their passion, without pondering too much on the consequences. Safiha Alam found some idle time during the lockdown as most of the classes were conducted online, which gave her leeway to explore her hobbies. Cakes are her weakness and after watching hours of content on baking a cake, she decided to give it a try. The result wasn’t comparable to a professional cake but she didn’t lose hope and went on a baking spree until she got it right. After she aced the first one, she diverted her efforts towards decorating them and then subsequently experimenting with flavors that are considered dull and bleak.

Talking about her transition from a college student to a baker who runs a successful online bakery, she says, ” When the thought of a cake comes into mind, the general perception of a cake is that it is round and flat bread-base layered with cream and bearing the mainstream flavors like chocolate, butterscotch, etc. My intention was never to bake the same kind of cakes and I focused more on the presentational aspect of the cakes as well. A lot of time goes into customizing a cake based on the occasion and the references of the person who ordered it. The reason behind the popularity of cakeobake is that we never replicate the same designs, and focus more on customization and presentation by combining fondant, and edible colors while maintaining the versatility of flavors.

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