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Aditya Shiva shares insights about his upcoming song ‘Malanng’

Society often teaches us that having a stable job should be our top priority, and our passion can come second. Many people get stuck in the loophole while some try to balance both of these things, and their sheer dedication helps them excel in all these aspects. One such person whose strong will helped him win in every aspect of life is musician AM Aditya Shiva. Till now, the singer has released two hit songs, and he is all set to release his third single, ‘Malanng.’ All the Punjabi music lovers are going to love the track as it has the peppy Punjabi party track vibes and has groovy beats for you to shake your legs on.

The artist loves to try new genres and is keen to explore new things; this can be seen in his music. He wrote his first track ‘Intezaarr’ during the first Covid lockdown in the year 2020; the song had EDM beats and an engaging rap. Aditya Shiva not only wrote and sang the song, but he was also part of the music video. ‘Khamosh,’ his second single, was more on the pop side but the lyrics, the beats, and the vibes it carried were outstanding. Now the upcoming track ‘Malangg’ is something completely different it is neither pop nor EDM; it is a Punjabi party track, and Aditya’s fans are very excited for the release.

Since childhood, Agni Maha Aditya Shiva has been inclined toward the musical field due to his creative mind. He always used to sing songs and save them as voice notes on his father’s Smartphone; those practice sessions are the reason behind today’s melodious voice. Shiva’s father has been his biggest cheerleader; during his childhood, his father used to buy new cassettes and pen down lyrics for him so that he could give musical performances in his schools and family functions. He was always the life of the party; during his teenage years, he used to memorize various songs of artists like Honey Singh and used to entertain his family and friends by performing those songs in front of them.

Talking about his music and journey, Aditya Shiva shares, “Honestly, I cannot even imagine that my third single ‘Malangg’ will be released. I still remember that I had to take several odd jobs for making my first song and its music video, had to work late at night, and even had to sell my two-wheeler to meet my financial needs. All the hustle used to make me feel exhausted physically and mentally, but I used to remind myself that all these efforts would be worth it, and I’m glad I was right. I am very thankful for everything I have achieved; there is no stopping now; the only aim is to go upwards from here. I also feel really lucky that my parents has been my backbone , physically , mentally , financially and  emotionally which was a great support for me all the time.”


There is no doubt that AM Aditya Shiva will achieve massive success in his musical career. Still, he never let his musical journey hamper the other important aspects of his life. He completed his Engineering at the prestige Ramaiah Institute of technology and, in those days, also he used to balance everything. In his free time, Aditya used to write songs and have many practice sessions; this helped him grow and learn something new each day. Despite having many naysayers and pessimistic people in his life, Aditya never gave up; he ignored all such people and kept working hard, and ultimately achieved the recognition he deserves.





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