Akshay Anand setting new milestones in the education system with Pratibha Pallavan Public School

Pratibha Pallavan Public SchoolPratibha Pallavan Public School

Pratibha Pallavan Public School’s Educational Director, Akshay Anand, feels that India’s future depends on spending more and more on the education system, which aligns with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ agenda. Pratibha Pallavan Public School has a proven track record of knowledge transfer and delivering state-of-the-art amenities to its pupils, including new-age classrooms, learning labs, sports facilities, and more.

Leader Development and Mindset Coaching: If you look back through history, you’ll see that leaders and other people who have had a significant impact on our world, especially in India, are defined by their mindset—how they think about themselves and others, what they choose to focus on, and how they make decisions. Most people call it “character,” “integrity,” or “values.” It doesn’t matter what we call it; the point is that these leadership qualities can be learned, developed, and then passed down from one person to the next. And Akshay Anand is well on his way to achieving this goal through his school, Pratibha Pallavan Public School, based on his experiences spearheading educational reform during a tenure that Akshay began in 2005.

Our public school system has roots in colonial times, and traditional schools have always been a popular choice for parents wishing to educate their children. However, as education becomes more accessible to India’s poorest areas, a new option is emerging: private schools. Dr. Abhiram Singh, the founder of the Pratibha Pallavan Educational Group, which is based in the Magadh Range of Bihar and includes Jehanabad, Ghoshi, and Telhara, believes that a blended approach—which incorporates both traditional learning and new technologies—can better prepare students for life outside of the classroom.

Mr. Akshay Anand, a visionary leader, and distinguished educationist is a passionate supporter of poor youngsters. He has worked relentlessly to ensure that all children have equal chances and to give them hope for a better future. Mr. Akshay began attending ‘Pratibha Pallavan Public School’ in 2005 with his father, Dr. Abhiram Singh, who founded the school in 1993 to overhaul modern-day education systems, which have failed most pupils due to their incapacity to keep up with contemporary events.

India has come a long way in delivering primary education and schooling to all children as a country. Students today have more educational options than ever before. Even so, much work remains to be done to guarantee that all kids receive an education that is both current and engaging, and one they will remember for the rest of their lives. Many children, for example, continue to drop out of school due to a lack of resources; teachers are frequently undertrained and underpaid, and many schools lack proper instructional materials and equipment.

With the education system in New India experiencing so many obstacles, it is up to people like Akshay Anand and his colleagues at Pratibha Pallavan Educational Group to create a future where every child receives the high-quality education they deserve. In light of these factors, the organization is proposing to establish a university in Jehanabad, Bihar, as well as a world-class school in the Delhi NCR area in the near future. All teachers will be topic experts as well as exceptional educators who can modify their teaching method to each student; the school will be governed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Extracurricular activities and athletics will be considered while designing the school premises, with a focus on overall academic performance!

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