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Akshay Mandalkar:- The emerging Yuva Neta who is bringing a change in people’s life

Akshay Mandalkar:- The emerging Yuva Neta who is bringing a change in people’s life

It is not a military secret that the political spectrum across India has drastically evolved as the country is inching towards becoming a global superpower. However, to achieve the dream of becoming a leading country, there has to be rapid expansion and growth in a plethora of sectors like the power sector, education, healthcare, infrastructure, tourism, and connectivity. Unlike the bureaucrats, who are immune from accountability, politicians are answerable to the general public- their voters who ensured their rise to power. Just drawing crowds, holding mega roadshows and mere promises before the commencement of an election is over as electorates have become smart. Naya Bharat needs grassroot leaders who have a vision, an idea to execute, and the will to raise the issues that resonate with the people. Akshay Mandalkar, an emerging politician, who is creating quite a stride in the corridors of power, is loaded with all of these qualities and is trying to contribute towards the empowerment of the society.


Hailing from DeulgaonRaja, situated in Buldhana district, Maharashtra, Akshay Mandalkar is a 25-year-old rising politician who is currently the Secretary of National Students Union of India (NSUI). Born and brought up in a humble middle-class family, ‘The Yuva Neta’ (as he is popularly referred to as) has seen the suffering of the people keenly which led him to take the plunge and he decided to enter active politics. He has been active in politics since his college days and has even served as the President of Student’s Union of his college in 2014. Post completing his LLB from the prestigious ISBM University, he entered active politics. An astute politician with a razor sharp mind, Akshay Mandalkar was given the responsibility as the Assembly Observer of the Rajasthan State in the year 2017 during the State Legislative Assembly and he performed his duty diligently, keeping a close eye on every nitty-gritty. From door-to-door campaigning to formulating strategies that would script his party’s victory, he did it all with ease. Upon proving his political acumen, he was made the All India Congress Committe (AICC) Assembly observers of states like Bihar, Assam and Uttarakhand. Later, he was promoted as the Parliament Observer of Himachal Pradesh.


Having a deep understanding of the caste-arithmetic and being successful in talking about the issues that matter to the common people like education, providing coaching and sports facilities to the youth, he was successful in scripting his victory in the Zilla Parishad polls. Currently, being a scholar at the renowned Jamia Millia Islamia at the National Capital, Akshay Mandalkar is preparing for the upcoming Sakharkherada Zilla Parishad, Taluka SindhkhediRaja, situated in the Buldhna district of Maharashtra.  He envisions to provide people with Wifi Connectivity, Coaching Facilities, Sports Complex, Medical Infrastructure, and other key necessities. Having seen the sufferings of the common people, he promises to address their issues and for the same, he would organise a weekly gathering of the people, once elected to the post of Zilla Parishad. 


Hailing from Aurangabad, Akshay Mandalkar is close to his city and for the development of the rich and cultural city, he aims to improve the connectivity of the region so that in the upcoming years, Aurangabad can be termed as one of the key tourist destinations across India. Talking about his vision, the young emerging politician stated, “I have always believed that politics is a great medium to serve the people. New India is aspiring and ambitious and people are no longer interested in religion or caste-based politics, all they want is connectivity, food and development and I am determined to provide the citizens with all of these. Politics for me is a way to serve the people selflessly.” 


Akshay Mandalkar is a next generation youth leader who has a clout among the people and was appreciated for his efforts during the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus. He was seen distributing free-ration kits, sanitizers, masks, and life-saving drugs to ensure that people get as much relief as possible. His efforts have been recognised and appreciated by several politicians across the country. With a vision and a holistic approach, Akshay Mandalkar is inching towards making India self-sufficient and reliable, an India that is free of poverty, an India that can lead the world.

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