Amit Majithia, CEO, CBTF – Announces Collaboration With Emraan Hashmi

CBTF - Announces Collaboration With Emraan HashmiCBTF - Announces Collaboration With Emraan Hashmi

One of the most famous sports news sites, CBTF Speed ​​News, has announced Emraan Hashmi as their brand ambassador. Sharing his excitement and happiness, Mr. Amit Majithia, CEO, CBTF Speed ​​News, said their team is exceptionally glad to be collaborating with one of the best Indian actors, Emraan Hashmi as the brand ambassador of their news website. He also mentioned that the actor’s interest and inclination towards sports is an add on to the collaborative work of bringing India’s two most loved forms of entertainment- Cricket and Bollywood. He said that the actor aspires to step into the world of sports some day. 

CBTF Speed ​​News – the leading cricket tips website has become exceptionally popular in India since it gives instant updates and news about cricket to its viewers globally.

We realize that the inclination of the Indian audience is extremely high when it comes to Bollywood and Cricket. In such a scenario, Emraan Hashmi’s collaboration with CBTF’s speed news will most definitely be a successful venture. In India, cricket isn’t thought of as a “sport”,  but  has turned into a spell that is reflected from one side to the next through the breath and blood of every Indian. We consider cricket a religion. If we have to ask, what is one thing that unites our nation together, the answer would be loud and clear- cricket. 

The second thing Indians are most involved with is our never ending love for bollywood and craze for the stars and the hope of a happy ending movies leaves us with. 

The mix of our two favorite worlds, which was the film Jannat. 

CBTF News thus unites you to the best of both worlds. With every day cricket news, CBTF News earnestly plans to present to you the best of the cricket world.

Isn’t this collaboration a great idea of all time? 

A glance at the actors life Emraan Hashmi born on March 24, 1979 is a leading Indian actor. He has an ongoing successful acting career and has received three Filmfare awards. Mr Hashmi has set up a good foundation for himself as one of the most famous actors in the Hindi film industry. He began his career in the industry as an assistant director of the 2002 horror film, Raaz, before pursuing a career in acting. 2008 marked a turning point for Hashmi when he acted in Jannat. His performance in Jannat is till date looked up to by the younger generation of actors. His dialogues from Jannat still lead to goosebumps in fans. 

When we think of this collaboration, we automatically imagine Emraan Hashmi from the movie Jannat. 

About CBTF News: 

CBTF Speed ​​News delivers sports news and relevant updates connected with sports to its viewers. It is focused on providing its followers with latest news and tips, thereby encouraging their love for cricket and all forms of sports. 

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