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Anmol Dash’s Voyage On Revamping The Indian Music Industry.

Born with many talents, Anmol Dash hailing from Bhubaneswar Odisha has achieved several heights of success and is currently ready to venture into the Indian Music Industry. Born on 21st May 2004, to date he has made his name in several career domains.

He’s not only a renowned social personality but an amazing tennis player who is known among people for his skill sets including self-discipline, leadership & sportsmanship.

Confident enough to take the next step to revamp his career, Anmol has decided to step into the Indian Music Industry and take it by storm with his incredible skills.

“Many people aren’t aware that aside from being a sportsman, I am also a musician. Music is something which has intrigued me since the beginning and now I feel it is the right time for me to pursue this as a career.”

Being a renowned tennis player has its perk, one being having connections. It is no doubt that making a career in the Indian Music Industry isn’t effortless but Anmol’s network which he has built over the years of him being a player will help him in the industry.

To ensure that his audiences relate to his music, Anmol is already working his fingers to bones to choose the right project and work on the songs. He says, ” The audience will see me as a musician for the first time so it is undoubtedly a big responsibility. We are collaborating and working with several music directors to ensure everything goes according to the plans.” Adding to it, Anmol also admitted that there are several projects under the pipeline so people looking for amazing music are definitely in a treat.

Anmol’s new venture as a musician is going to be a huge challenge since making a career in this industry can be volatile. However, his experiential learning has taught him how to remain optimistic during unfavorable situations. ” I have faced difficulties all my life and during that time my family and my friends have been my true support.”

Anmol’s success journey has been inspirational. Even after being a successful tennis player he is ready to onboard the music industry and starts revamping his career from scratch. Not only does this show courage but it also shows Anmol’s knowledge and optimistic perception of life. No matter how challenging his journey as a musician might get, we all are sure that Anmol’s determination will allow him to reach his goal.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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