Arshad Jamal Siddiqui sheds light on aspects true politicians possess

Arshad Jamal Siddiqui

Indians uniformly take pride in their homeland which can be even seen through statistics. About 96 percent of Indian people say they are extremely pleased to be Indian. Despite the fact that India’s Constitution declares the country a democratic republic and the country is frequently referred to as the world’s largest democracy – Indians have mixed feelings when asked whether “a democratic government” or “a strong leader” would be better suited to solving the country’s problems. A little more than half of Indians (46%) say they prefer democracy, while roughly the same number (48%) say they prefer a strong leader.

It is often said that “We won’t be able to change our political leaders until the people who elect them change”. As a result, it is critical that citizens elect the proper leader who can bring about change. Citizens should elect leaders based on their abilities to make a difference and contribute value to society. As a leader, it is, therefore, his or her obligation to make the difference that citizens desire. Citizens may expect politicians to exhibit three broad sets of qualities: competence, honesty, and authenticity. A politician must be judged to be in touch with the lives and perspectives of regular people in order to be considered authentic, and past research suggests that this expectation has grown more prevalent in recent years. 

One such competent political leader is one who is capable of making judgments, is driven to work for the greater good, and is willing to handle and resolve conflicts is Arshad Jamal Siddiqui. A politician’s position, influence, and authority should not be a source of concern. He should always strive for the advancement of society and value his citizenry. Every political leader should be born with the knowledge and talents to think about and act in the future. Discipline, Trustworthiness, Courage, Humaneness, and Intelligence are the five major attributes that a good leader should possess. 

It is critical to have competent politicians in the governing body because they are the ones who make decisions about the country, state, and other public matters. They have the authority to manage, distribute, and create connections with stakeholders, as well as make decisions that can have a significant impact on a country’s well-being. As responsible citizens, we want our elected officials to prioritize long-term goals for the nation’s well-being over short-term objectives. One of the most crucial leadership skills is responsibility. Instead of taking responsibility for themselves, most political leaders point fingers at others. Leaders should recognize the contributions of other leaders to society. They should embrace their own flaws, failings, and blunders and seek to improve themselves. 

Another important aspect of a good politician is to break gender stereotypes and help in prevailing gender equality. Gender equality and women’s empowerment are not simply human rights but are also necessary for inclusive, egalitarian, and long-term development. Women’s political engagement is critical to the success of the country. These objectives, as well as political parties, are among the most significant place for fostering and promoting their participation. It is evident that political parties must incorporate this into their agenda. 

Political leaders, more than any other type of leader, are always on everyone’s attention since they are in the news for one reason or another. There are many aspiring political leaders all around the world, but only a handful of them live up to the ethics and values.

Smart political leaders are those who recognize that the great people are more interested in government than politics have the future.

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