Ashwin Alok Puts Creativity First for Zealous Film Creators

Ashwin Alok

While most of us enjoy watching movies on the big screens, not all of us are well accustomed to the challenges a filmmaker has to undergo to create an impactful movie. The journey from script to screen comes with a lot of creative dilemmas and it requires a skillful hand to emerge as successful.

Every year a number of young individuals enter the film industry with an aspiration to become directors or filmmakers but only a handful of them showcase the sort of creative effort the film industry demands. An ace filmmaker and author, Ashwin Alok has taken this opportunity to educate budding filmmakers about the creative aspects of the filmmaking journey.

Ashwin has always been creatively active throughout his childhood even though he never dreamt about joining the film industry. When he moved to Delhi in 2017, he initially faced a lot of hardships with his entrepreneurial journey owing to his inadequate market knowledge and unfamiliarity with the market operations. However, his unbending confidence empowered him to embrace self-learning instead of wasting time in seeking peer support.  Ashwin began to educate himself about the filmmaking process which, coupled with his innate creativity, laid the foundation for his standout moviemaking career. 

He started his filmmaking journey as an independent film creator with his YouTube channel called Kreative Krew where he shared his short films and other insightful content on filmmaking. It gave him the exposure he required for future growth.

When asked about tips for the new-age independent filmmakers, Ashwin said, “When you start your journey, you should keep re-writing the script until you’re 100% satisfied with the storyline. And, before actually shooting the film, watch the film in your mind the way you want to create it. One should visualize the script and its smallest detail. You should always focus on making a film like you want to make. Never let other people influence your original concept. Not just your script should be good but even the equipment that you use like microphones should be of good quality as sound is overlooked most of the time but it’s that support which your film needs to rise higher. Keeping these small things in mind would help you to grow slowly and steadily in the industry.”

Ashwin’s filmmaking prowess was soon recognized by the Governmental organizations who gave him opportunities to express his inner creativity through documentary films. His first Government project, a documentary on PHC Derwa, sealed his dynamic entry into the Government sector. Soon, he began to receive filmmaking projects from government officials and produced films like Bread Butter which was selected for streaming on a big OTT platform like Disney + Hotstar. His latest directorial venture for the UP Government, Derwa was premiered in February 2020 attracting significant acclamation from the officials.

With an abundance of stories around us that need to be told, filmmakers look forward to every opportunity to jumpstart their creativity. It is their creative outlook that gives even the mundane of the stories a sense of excitement. Considering the importance of creativity in the lives of filmmakers, Ashwin has penned down his book ‘The Music of Silence’ where he discussed in detail the avenue to reach one’s highest creative potential. He stresses seeking solitude (silence) to overcome self-imposed restrictions and produce more creative ideas (music). This book, especially, can be a guidebook for those aspiring filmmakers who are entering the industry without any formal filmmaking training.

As a powerful movie maker and storyteller, Ashwin has earned recognition from several prestigious award committees which include a Special Appreciation award for his film ’10 lakhs – An untold story’ at New Delhi Film Festival in 2018, made it to the top 50 Films in Casttree Events & Awards for his film Paani in 2019 and the Outstanding Achievement award for the films ‘Derwa’ and ‘Jeetega India’ at Tagore International Film Festival. His astonishing filmmaking career graph can alone be inspiring enough for the next-gen filmmakers who look forward to kickstarting their creative filmmaking venture.

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