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Be Sure To Grab Chashma.Com’s Early Bird Offer & Get Yourself Stylish And Affordable Eyewear

Stylish & Affordable Eyeglasses Up For Grabs At Chashma.Com For 30% Off For A Limited TimeStylish & Affordable Eyeglasses Up For Grabs At Chashma.Com For 30% Off For A Limited Time


Stylish & Affordable Eyeglasses Up For Grabs At Chashma.Com For 30% Off For A Limited Time

We are often amazed by glancing at the vast wilderness we see on our outings into the wild. The same happens while we are choosing the right eyeglasses on the internet. We simply can’t decide which one to buy and end up buying something that we regret later. Luckily, Chashma.com is an online eyewear store that will help you in choosing the most stylish & affordable eyeglasses, prescription or non-prescription, in a quick, simple way.

In India, at present, the citizens are more inclined towards buying products that are made within the country itself. In such a scenario, Chashma.com is one of the few online eyewear stores that offer frames and lenses manufactured in India. The underlying cause is to benefit the people of our nation and uplift our communities. The brand has a goal to put India in the spotlight on a global level when it comes to manufacturing high-quality yet affordable eyewear. Chashma.com is the perfect way to end your search for eyewear that is an exciting, brash, and perfect match to your personality.

To fulfill its goal, Chashma.com has woven successful partnerships with several leading Indian frame manufacturers. This way, its customers get eyeglasses that’s easily affordable with unique designs. With more than 40 years of manufacturing experience on their side, manufacturing high-quality lenses for India and abroad is simply a piece of cake for the brand. Every frame and lens that the brand offers has a unique blend of fashion and technology.

There are two categories of glasses that the customers can choose from – ChashmaBasic and ChashmaPro. The frames in the first category are free, and the customers only need to pay for the lenses. Customers can also go for ChashmaPro eyeglasses which will cost them Rs.2000 per frame. With the Home Try-on service offered by the brand, you can assure that your selection of frames and lenses is the best one! The brand is a leader in manufacturing custom lenses such as ‘Chashma BlueCut’ priced from Rs.1499, and ‘Chashma Digital Progressive Lenses’ priced from Rs.4000. All types of lenses, simple or custom, offered by the brand undergo a high-tech lens selection process.

Chashma.com’s eyewear can be purchased by people of all genders. With a simple and free eye test, the chore of choosing the right frames and lenses for the customer is made a simple one. They also offer a range of stylish and trendy sunglasses called ChashmaSun, and they are priced from just Rs.1500. The brand debuted its online store in the nation this December. Be sure to benefit from Chashma.com’s early bird offer and get 30% off on your purchases. You can also convert any frame to sunglasses for just Rs.250. Similarly, get 40% off on the second pair of eyeglasses you purchase.

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